Sometimes we can be so focussed on our own insecurities, that we let others battle against them, but we forget about theirs. And that becomes the final downfall. The breaking point. You may be hurting, but they are too. Next time, allow yourself to be more aware and less selfish. Stay safe.

A kind Yankee recently advised me:

Don’t let anybody rent space in your head if they won’t reciprocate

the apprehension to give your heart over

when you have felt the hurt

of a thousand pelting stones to your chest

may leave a person jaded

until you encounter an opportunity

a someone

for whom or which you want to change.

It helps you to shatter the boundaries

the limitations, the walls

that have held you back for as long as you can remember.

The beauty of the desired is then open,

open to exploration

to fire and the dream of a future

of travelling to an exotic land

or anything it takes to combine two souls
and feel the warmth

against all odds...

until the fairytale ends,

when one or the another cannot reach

the point of no return.

The peak of the mountain at which,

unless overcome,

hearts are broken and we regress.

Foetally curled, shuddering and spilling from the eyes

until the cycle repeats. 


Poetry isn’t a strength of mine, especially rhyming poems. But hey, it’s therapeutic and maybe I’ll get better at it. 🙂


spring had sprung just like our love

now all is gone the skies empty above

but i thank you for all you were able to give

i will not forget you in this whirlwind we live

i opened my heart

i think you did too

to me you are wonderful

i thank you, i honestly do

i hope when these grey skies clear

in your head you can see

that meant to be

could have meant 'us' and 'we'

5 thoughts on “Jaded trust

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  1. Welcome to The blogging world. Lovely poems. Very emotional and beautiful. I look forward to reading more. Keep improving your craft, you off to an amazing start. -Cheryl


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