What happens when the only wall is geographical?
But one builds emotionally too.
Is it enough to make you give up on sunshine and rainbows?

The impending pain can only be compared

to watching a car

racing to run you down

at full speed

but knowing your feet

are firmly cemented and cannot break free.

But what if you could take flight?

What if it was possible to tear your flesh now

but avoid the imminent despair

of August.
The balancing act

the weighing-up

of whether this girl

this opportunity

standing before you

dressed red

is worth it?

You panic.

I'm in too deep.

Wouldn't it just be easier to cut and run now?

Your own thoughts battled for years

of people abusing the power

you let them have

over your heart.

She is also hurting

weighing up the options of falling

since the start.

Her doubt you can bear no more.

There's only so many times

a person can comfort,



Until your feet start to drag

wearying as you go

and the answer seems clear.


Earl Grey.



How can you think of someone fondly, when you don’t want to say goodbye?


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